ATC Tutors began in Perth Western Australia. We are one of the premier tutoring organisations. We offer friendly personalised sessions for the modern student. Try us out. We have experienced tutors waiting to assist your learning needs. Our services extend from private one on one to school based support.

The company was set up to offer our students a more efficient and meaningful way of learning. Our site promises support and guarantees success. This site was established to provide every student and their family a professional approach that will cater for, foster and facilitate modern technological delivery and support them in their academic pursuits. We aim to centralise tutoring and potentially throughout Australia.

We also have dedicated professionals of Teachers Helping Teachers. Those organisations seeking professional development, support can work with us. We offer independent programs, self study, on site, online, workshop training and  a range of other supportive programs. 

We are a privately owned independent company that consists of Instructional Designers, Learning Managers, Educators and Tutors. We come from a divers range of professional backgrounds (locally and internationally) to provide the best possible outcomes for the students.

Our passions is to support student learning. This is in any capacity. Our focus is to provide resources to teachers, tutors, students, schools and all invested stakeholders in the development of student achievement.

We were established with a collaborative team of experienced professionals to give students an a greater opportunity to learn, share and enhance the wonderful opportunities that exist in the classroom, home and their world. This company has been established to provide every teacher a professional company that will cater for, foster, and facilitate many of their teaching needs in the 21st Century.

Our philosophy is to provide a climate that will welcome, value and support all students in achieving academic goals and personal achievements, as well as establishing strong technology skills.

Our aim is to provide teachers, tutors and parents seeking a more open and fulfilling experience by using, the opportunity to look beyond the traditional learning styles and the confines of standard programs and limited access to resources, to a site that specialises in educational services in online and digital media content and the development of specialised apps for learning.

While ATC Tutors has a very strong academic focus, the entire website has its foundations built around an educational community designed to nurture and support the potential in each individual and to provide a learning environment in which teachers may continue to grow and develop their skills as they improve as professionals.

The company was founded in 2003 and has evolved into an institution promoting pro-active practices to cater for the present global demands of teaching and learning. This is our tutoring arm.

We are all Australian Educational and Training Service delivery provider. Our well experienced and skilled staff are able to assist students from primary school, middle school and secondary schools from any State, Territory or Province. We work to make sure learning fun, interactive, engaging and purposeful.

We invite you to browse through the pages and find out more about us.

Company Ethos

Our company's vision is at the foundation of our business. 

The use of technology is revolutionising the education industry, and it is paving the path for more flexible and innovative approaches to teaching and learning. While pencils and papers are deemed essentials of the classroom, electronic devices offer the advantage of transcending over the boundaries of time and place and economic advantages. New technologies and faster Internet make online education more convenient and affordable while traditional methods have no choice but to adapt. Australian Tutors Online Education and eLearning highlights how learning can go beyond the  traditional classroom and offer services on demand.

Learning Coaches

Shawn Stone

Jackson Farrer

Angela McDonald

Elise Jean-Louis

Julie Milne

Tim Wilson

Amanda Stone

Lynne Williams

Jay Wreford

Damian Albuquerque

Willie Smith

Taylah Conway

Riley Chappel

Jetani Hunter

NSW, VIC, SA, NT affiliated Consultants

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